Yes, you read that right! This is a story of a family adopting their 7th baby and they traveled all the way from California to adopt their sweet baby Della here in Georgia.

The Dakin family started their journey to domestic adoption around August of 2018 and they knew it would be no easy task but they serve a MIGHT GOD and pressed toward their dreams of adoption no matter what the road ahead would look like.

Aly and JR started 7000 names in hopes of helping fund their adoption in a God sized way. They were asking 7000 people to donate just $7 in the journey to their adoption. Faith can move mountains. Aly flew all the way from California to meet her new baby girl and it was so worth all the long nights away from her family. I was connected to Aly through a mutual friend on instagram and I am so thankful for social media for this exact reason. Aly and I instantly connected on the phone and when I met her in person I just jumped right in as if I was photographing my own family. After the session Aly and I chatted for what seemed like hours about life, kids and dreams. We prayed together before I left and I am pretty sure I have never cried so hard in my life. Her prayers and being invited into such an intimate part of their lives for just a short time was such a huge blessing to my life. One I will never forget.