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Monat? What is it? How the heck do you even pronounce that?

I say "Mo-nay" 

Ok so first let me preface this with how my hair looked for years and all the damage I have done to my hair since I was a teen. bleach (lots of it!), multiple colors monthly, extensions, weird hair cuts... you name it I did it.

Monat befores

Monat befores

What is this crazy voodoo wizardry of a hair care line? 

  • Monat is a natural based hair care line that pulls all the gunk and bad stuff from your hair and scalp that we have all done to our hair for years. Which then helps your hair grow healthier, faster and even thicker while reducing shedding, breakage and damage. Who would not want a product that actually does these things? We have been tricked for years into thinking that salon products like Matrix actually do these things. Nope.

Monat says no to:

  • NO Parabens - Could be linked to chronic disorders.

  • NO Sulfates - irritating to skin and scalp.

  • NO DEA/MEA - can be irritating to skin and eyes and could be linked to chronic disorders.

  • NO Phthalates - long-term exposure could be toxic.

  • NO PEG - can be linked to chronic disorders

  • NO Phenoxyethanol - can be irritating to the eyes and skin.

  • NO Ethanol - can be drying to the hair and cause frizz and damage.

  • NO Petrochemicals - can coat the hair shaft causing moisture loss and suffocation of the shaft.

  • NO Glutens - can cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals.

  • NO Sodium Chloride and NO Harsh Salt System - can build up in tissues and cause dryness and dehydration.

  • NO Harmful Colors - can be toxic to skin and scalp and linked to chronic disorders.

  • NO Harmful Fragrances - can be irritating and linked to chronic disease.

Monat uses these amazing ingredients to help aid in protection:



  • -Outstanding clinical results prove significant decrease in hair loss effect and increase in hair regrowth.

  • -Higher proven results than the other leading hair rejuvenation brands.



  • -Maintains a healthy environment for hair growth.

  • -Preserves the hair follicle.

  • -Aids in prevention of hair loss.

  • -Helps protect against environmental damage.

  • -Protects the natural pigment in the follicle.



  • -Protects natural and synthetic coloring as well as gray hair.

  • -Absorbs high amounts of UVB and UVA light.

  • -Penetrates the hair, allowing it to protect both the cuticle and the cortex.

  • -Helps to smooth the cuticle for less damage and breakage.



What I have been doing for almost a year: 

I started out with the hydration system for almost 6 months and just recently I started alternating my Renew shampoo with Revive shampoo. The hydration does exactly what you think! It gives your dry brittle hair LIFE real hydration. My hair is naturally oily after 1 day so the hydration can be too much for my hair using it daily or every other day so I have found alternation with Revive is the perfect elixir for me!

Left before first wash after drying  vs. First wash with Hydration system (Renew and Restore leave in)

Monat before and after

Monat before and after

Left 1 month before Monat vs. 3 months later using NOTHING but the Monat Hydration system +REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive. 

  • Disclaimer: yes my hair was colored the very next month but the damage being cured is evident.

Monat hair care, Monat before and after

Monat hair care, Monat before and after

Today almost 1 year later!

I could not be more happy with my personal results with this amazing hair care line. Just like anything else you have to give Monat time. After my first month I was truly still a sceptic. I did not think real change was occurring, I thought it was all in my head. I kept on with it and used nothing but these products and here I am with the most healthy, beautiful and quite frankly flawless hair imaginable. I did not give up and I stayed on this wild train and I do not regret it for a single second. I have never been more happy with my hair in my entire adult life.  I will be a Monat junkie for eternity y'all.


A few things to know before buying!

DETOX: Don't let this little word scare you. It's just a process. If you want your hair to look like the results I have had you have to TRUST THE PROCESS! What is detox anyway? It is basically the process of ridding your scalp and hair of all the gunk and bad stuff. All the gross build up from trashy products from over the years. Yes just because you wash your hair does not mean it's clean. SHOCKING I know.  So I wore my hair in a messy bun for about 1 week and by the end of the 2nd week of only using Monat products seriously the Monat heavenly gods sang with a choir full of hair angels and the detox period had lifted. I think people get scared of this process because well they have jobs, they have activities they have to attend and they think eww my hair is looking like crap I can't do this. PROCESS! I can not scream this out enough for people to understand. Nothing and I mean NOTHING happens over night.  These results I have now are from 10 months exactly of being a die hard Monat product only user. I even use their dry shampoo, hair spray, texture spray. My husband also uses the Monat Black mens line and my little boys use the hydration/volume system along with me and the hair taffy for their crazy kid hair.  I just started using their S3 supplement support system for hair growth working from the inside out as well.   NOTHING touches my hair unless it is MONAT. Can you hear me???

OK! Lets talk dolla dolla bills y'all. 

3 ways to buy!

So! We have 3 options in MONAT.

You can spend money, save money, or make money. So here are the wonderful options available to you;

RETAIL - Full price + shipping  (for example the systems I use would be $99 retail) ($89 VIP) ($69 Market Partner) +ship

V.I.P. - Lifetime Membership fee of $20. Receive 15% OFF every order, FREE Shipping {with flex ship} & Thank You Program (refer 3 friends get your next order free), Flash Sales and more!

MARKET PARTNER: (which is what I am) - Largest savings. No quotas, No auto ships, No inventory, No obligations. 42-48% savings on your initial investment & 30% OFF regularly + the option to start making residual income if you wish.

I have many people tell me that Monat is "too expensive" but it all boils down to do you want your hair to be amazing, manageable and healthy? If you break down what you spend monthly on the products you already use from drug stores/salons I can bet that you are spending more on non quality products than you would on Monat.  My systems last me months on end. Monat products are highly concentrated so it last longer and works better. I spent a long time and  a ton of money trying to find a cure all for my hair over the years. Point? I have actually saved money by being loyal to Monat products.

Just try it. Stick with it. You will not be sorry.

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So are you ready to give this hot mess moms hair care a try? 

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